In 2014, Flux Kit was actively engaged in the organization of events at MARCA, the Myanmar Art Resource Center and Archive. A series of events curated by Ilaria Benini and Thomas Nadal Poletto.

In a city which is lacking in art spaces and cultural initiatives, public events are one of the way we can use to gather people at MARCA and inform them about what an archive is, why it is useful for artists and researchers, what its role is in creating a memory and also in increasing the visibility of Myanmar contemporary visual arts.

Myanmar Art Resource Center and Archive (MARCA) serves as an ongoing resource center and laboratory to stimulate and nourish creative teaching and learning as well as provide research materials for students, teachers, thinkers, artists, and the greater public. Without such an institution in Myanmar today, the center means to provide an environment for creative and analytical thinking in the country’s time of transition, where the end of censored education and closed markets means the beginning of creative thinking and inter-regional and global exchange. Myanmar’s cultural and artistic history is strong but nowhere exists a place where that strength is illustrated through collected records, images, and online access. This center aims to provide that collection, along with channels to access and analyze it, ultimately providing the people of Myanmar and the general public a place to explore, provide, and collaborate.


Goals of the Center:

  • To provide equal access and support to students, educators, artists, creative thinkers, activists, theorists, researchers, scholars and those interested in Myanmar, its people, and creative culture
  • To make collections in multiple languages available for reference and research to local and international art practitioners
  • To host workshops, symposiums, lectures, and classes emphasizing critical thinking
  • To document and facilitate the development process of creative arts in Myanmar, both historically and today


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