EXPERIMENTAL ASIA (artist talks and live concerts)

Hosted by Spazio B at Libreria Bodoni (Torino, Italy), Flux Kit organised some events about the artistic scene in Asia.




Tara: Fragments from the International //gender|o|noise\\Underground (October 18th 2015)


Tara Transitory aka One Man Nation is an experimental musician with a background in media and sound art. She is trans, nomadic and is currently investigating transgender history in south-east asia as well as the intersections of gender, noise and ritual through performances and the collective experience of creating ephemeral cathartic happenings with trans*queer communities everywhere. Originally from Singapore, she splits his time between Asia|Europe where she codirects and sends out smoke signals from the International //gender|o|noise\\ Underground together with Miriam de Saxe, and organizes the trans*queer themed Translæctica nights.


Tara performs solo as One Man Nation, with Truna as { 23 Shadows of Amnesia } and with Pierre Bastien as Mecanation. She has collaborated extensively and her past collaborations include Vincent Moon, C-drik Fermont, Kato Hideki, Hilary Jeffrey, Richard Scott, Alfredo Genovesi and Soopa Collective; has performed internationally at the Guggenheim Museum(Bilbao), Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei), ISEA (Ruhr), Mapping (Geneva), Piksel (Bergen), MEM (Bilbao), STEIM Jamboree (Amsterdam), Makeart (Poitiers), Fete 0.1 (Orléans), SummerLAB (Gijon), Steirischer Herbst (Graz) and Sonic Protest (Paris) amongst others.


“My recent investigations have brought me to the intersections of Gender, Noise and Rituals. I am currently on my own personal exploration through the gender abyss with no clear destination as to where I would like to go. What started out as an ‘art project’, has turned into something beyond art – when I start waking up to it, breathing it, eating it, drinking it, medicating it, living it through seeing how my body changes, my psyche alters, my social perspectives shift – art somehow has become life or vice-versa.”
– Tara Transitory 2014


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C-drík presents Experimental music from Asia and Africa. Lecture & live concert (November 18th 2015)



C-drík (aka Kirdec) is a vegan artist, academically trained musician, dj, singer, composer and drummer. He is a former student of electro-acoustic composer Annette Vande Gorne (Royal Conservatory of Mons, Belgium). He is also a label manager and gig organizer who produces his own projects and experimental artists who predominantly originate from Asia and Africa on the labels Syrphe and Textolux . More at discogs.


The first experimental recording which has been made outside of Europe or the Americas is Ta’abir al-Zaar, a piece composed with a wire recorder in Cairo, Egypt, by Halim El-Dabh in 1944
In 1948, Japanese composer Tōru Takemitsu conceived a music in which he could use technology to “bring noise into tempered musical tones” and in 1949, another Japanese composer, Minao Shibata wrote that “someday, in the near future, a musical instrument with very high performance will be developed, in which advanced science technology and industrial power are highly utilised. We will be able to synthesise any kind of sound waves with the instrument”.
This is the starting point of a journey through electronic, experimental and noise music in Asia and Africa, from Egypt to Japan through South Africa, Iran, Indonesia, China and many more.


Live concert

Electro-acoustic music together with field recordings collected during some extensive travels.