In a fast-changing Myanmar time is passing at different paces. Dimensions of past, present and future overlap in a syncretic contemporary reality.

Inspired by Bob Percival’s collection of Burmese postcards from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, Someday this time will be your past aims to offer the audience a visual journey into the past representation of Myanmar through themes such love, friendship, traditions, beauty. Postcards are means of communication, both for the institution releasing them and for the individual posting them to close and far addressee.


With Internet becoming more available and accessible in Myanmar, postcards are becoming outdated and replaced by instant messages and photos. Sending a phyisical postcard is therefore like sending a message to the future and makes us reflect on the way we use communication tools to interact with others, in other space and time locations.


The formal style of Bob’s collection of postcards has a strong propagandistic approach, which today introduces us into the process of building collective imaginings of Myanmar under censorship. Myanmar governments kept an extremely tight control on the public and private spheres of the people living in this country. The exhibition plays with the intimacy of a private apartment and the public representation of a nation; it questions the conditions which allow a nation to know and represent itself; it considers what will be the visual representation of today Myanmar to future observers.

Visual records create memories.

The show features a selection of postcards from Bob Percival’s collection, video art by Wai Mar Nyunt, an interactive installation with texts taken from interviews collected in the project “Myanmar: Information Isolation Internet”.


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My Yangon My Home – Yangon Art & Heritage Festival

Project La Casa: Bob Percival’s Casa curated by Ilaria Benini (Flux Kit)