THISISIT. A project by Thomas Nadal Poletto, produced by Flux Kit.

Video-performance / One video recorded in Italy + four live comments from Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia (ongoing project)


HD Video, Color, duration variable, Stereo, 2013

The project consists in the screening of a video recorded in Italy in different countries in South-East Asia. During the screening, some invited people who never left their own country – and therefore never visited Europe – will improvise a commentary on the reality shown in the images through the filter of their own experiences and historicity.

Following an eight-month journey in South-East Asia, where recording other people’s lives happens without questioning privacy nor understanding contexts, this video material is recorded by the artist in a condition of disorientation in front of a very well-known environment. Disorientation happened because of new points of view acquired with the experience of distance.

Video footage is recorded in an improvised manner, then edited in a linear way that represents Torino’s social structure in the form of its different districts. People and places in connection to the city.

Final artwork will be composed of a four-channel video, including live commentary in the original language of each Asian country with English subtitles.

Images and words will create a plurality of points of view, opening a spectrum of individual interpretations.

This is the deconstruction of everyday life through other points of view, through different presents, through a dialectic relation between image, gaze and meaning.
THISISIT. #1 happened at Tao Hong Tai : d Kunst ได้แชร์โพสต์ของ in Ratchaburi (Thailand)
THISISIT. #2 happened at Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta (Indonesia)



THISISIT. #1 at Tao Hong Tai : d Kunst in Ratchaburi (Thailand) – March 2014



THISISIT. #2 at Rumah Seni Cemeti | Cemeti Art House in Jogja (Indonesia) – July 2014