Vedere Voci • Seeing Voices, experimenting with audio-documentaries in Torino (Italy).

A project by Ilaria Benini and Thomas Nadal Poletto


In 2012 edition, we presented a total of eight audio stories, in Italian and English, along six evenings.

Vedere Voci is a reaction to a contemporary reality affected by a daily invasion of images, especially on the screen of laptops and communication devices.

Goal of the festival is to offer the chance to experience a night of sensory discovery based on the listening of voices telling a story without the need of images.

We identified some different public places to host the series of listening events.

In the city centre of Torino we discovered restaurants and bars, diverses in target and audience, but similar because of attitude and intimacy. The closing event took place in a private apartment, to insist in creating a personal ambiance free of excessive and distracting inputs.

We built a multifaceted program, in order to gather disparate responses and try to understand how collective listening works and what listening means today.

Here’s the selection of audio-stories we listened to during Vedere Voci:

  • Uno Stradivari per la gente di Marco Casa/Docusound
  • Song & Memory: Ghana di Ann Heppermann, Rick Moody & Kara Oehler/Hearing Voices
  • Antonina di Gianluca Stazi e Giuseppe Casu, Premio Miglior Documentario Radiofonico Bellaria Film Festival 2012
  • Il Conto di Jonathan Zenti/Suoni Quotidiani
  • La via delle spezie/Docusound
  • Africa Bianca di Barbara D’Amico e Fabio Lepore/Docusound
  • Teen Contender (Claressa  Shields) by Radio Diaries (New York, USA)
  • Lights Out di Delaney Hall/supported by In The Dark (London, UK)


The programme is developed in collaboration with Docusound, a socially inclusive crossmedia platform for production and distribution of creative audio-documentaries, and A.p.r.i., organization devoted to the blind and partially-sighted people.

During the festival, we also organized a dinner in the dark, thanks to the unique support of Marco Bongi, founder and President of A.p.r.i., and Sonia Allegro, educator.






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